Vienna Pride 2022 – We are back!

Vienna Pride 2020 cancelled
23. March 2020

Vienna Pride 2022 – We are back!

“Pride against hate – make love, not war!” – Vienna Pride June 1st – 12th – Pride Parade on June 6th – Side events on site and digital

“After two years of pandemic, Vienna Pride is back,” said organizer Katharina Kacerovsky-Strobl at a press conference in Vienna City Hall together with Vice Mayor Christoph Wiederkehr (NEOS), city councillor Nicole Berger-Krotsch (SPÖ) and Ann-Sophie Otte, Chairwoman of the Homosexual Initiative (HOSI) Vienna. And she emphasizes that this is by no means just about the community of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) people: “You can tell how a society really is by how it treats its minorities. Equal rights and respect for LGBTIQ people ultimately means equality and respect for all. Because these are principles that you either live by consistently or not – and everyone has experienced how painful it is when you are treated unfairly.”

Katharina Kacerovsky-Strobl: “Equality and respect for all principles, which one lives consistently or not – and everyone has experienced how painful it is when one is treated unfairly.”

That is why the Pride Parade (“Regenbogenparade”, literally Rainbow Parade), which this year on June 11th from 1 p.m. goes the other way round, against the direction of travel around the ring, is under the motto ‘Pride against hate – make love, not war!’ “As the largest demonstration in Austria it stands for everything Putin hates: diversity, respect and human rights,” says Kacerovsky-Strobl. Ann-Sophie Otte, chairwoman of HOSI Vienna, added: “In order to show our solidarity with others, we support LGBTIQ activists who had to flee Ukraine. This is now particularly evident in Poland, perhaps the most unsafe EU country for LGBTIQ people. We demand that these can also be accepted in other EU countries!”

Ann-Sophie Otte: “LGBTIQ refugees must also be able to find accommodation in EU countries other than Poland!”

Otte continued: “But not everything is good in Austria either: lesbians, gays and bisexuals can still be legally discriminated against, for example thrown out of a taxi or refused an apartment. That has to change, we finally need the same protection that we already have against discrimination based on ethnicity, gender or disability.”

Numerous side events and for the first time climate protection at the Pride Parade

Apart from the Pride Parade, Vienna Pride 2022 will focus entirely on the side events that have been expanded in recent years. Kacerovsky-Strobl says: “We are looking forward to side events on site such as the Pride Run Vienna on June 10th in the Prater Hauptallee and the final party including the award ceremony immediately afterwards in the Praterzelt, the cooperation with Fridays For Future, a joint demo, which also ends on June 10th in the Praterzelt, several cultural events with our cooperation partners such as the Mumok, the Kunsthistorisches Museum or the Albertina, the Pride Beach Day in the Vienna City Beach Club and the traditional Mariahilfer street festival ‚andersrum ist nicht verkehrt‘ (“The other way round is not the wrong way round”), hosted by the District on June 4th. Discussions, lectures, community content, the Medical Days, workshops and artist performances will also be held digitally.” Otte adds: “It is also important for us to continue working on making Vienna Pride more environmentally friendly, which is why we are demonstrating this year together with Fridays For Future for the environment and there is a donation that compensates for the Pride Parade which goes entirely to the REDD+ project, which ensures forest protection in the Colombian rainforest.

Christoph Wiederkehr: “Vienna is the capital of the rainbow and a city of diversity!”

Vice Mayor Christoph Wiederkehr (NEOS) said about the importance of Vienna Pride: “Vienna is the rainbow capital and a city of diversity! This diversity is the decisive basis for an open-minded society. Together we will continue on this path until acceptance and equality have fully arrived in everyday life. It is therefore important to carry the rainbow symbol high to stand up against hatred and discrimination and to stand up for respect and diversity.”

Nicole Berger-Krotsch: “Protection against discrimination for LGBTIQ people finally belongs in the Federal Constitution!”

And Nicole Berger-Krotsch, municipal councilor and LGBTIQ spokeswoman for the SPÖ city hall club, added: “Vienna has always been committed to a tolerant, cosmopolitan and solidary society. We fight against discrimination and for true equality, side by side with the LGBTIQ community. With the expected queer youth center, the rainbow box for kindergartens or the queer small projects funding pot, we are setting important accents here in Vienna. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to do: In Austria we should not have to be afraid to openly show who we are. Protection against dis-crimination for LGBTIQ people finally belongs in the Federal Constitution!“

Call to hoist the rainbow flag

And to celebrate the month of diversity together, like every year, Vienna Pride calls on everyone to proudly hoist the rainbow flag, wear the colours in everyday life and ensure visibility together. In addition, the organizers would like to thank the many people who make Vienna Pride possible: The LGBTIQ community and its numerous organizations, which take part in essential parts of the pro-gram, the City of Vienna, stand unwaveringly on the side of the community, and actively supported Vienna Pride even in times of crisis, our cooperation partners such as L’Oreal, Magenta, Mindshare, NYX, Wiener Linien and – last but not least – the more than 100 volunteer employees who make Vienna Pride and the Pride Parade possible in the first place .

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Ann-Sophie Otte
Chairwoman HOSI Vienna
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