Do I have to register for the parade?

The Rainbow Parade is a public demonstration. There is no obligation to register for private marchers. If you want to participate in the parade as an official entry or plan to enter with a vehicle, you have to register.

What's the benefit from registering?

You will be listed as an official entry and have the chance to be awarded the best entry. You will receive a sign with a name of your choice and in case of a motorised participation security vests for your entry’s securities.

Do I have to found a club/company in order to register for the parade?

No, private individuals or groups, clubs, organisations and companies can register to participate. It is important that a responsible person is named.

Are there any guidelines regarding design or messages?

There are no limits to your creativity. The only exception: racist, sexist or other hurtful slogans will not be tolerated. The area used to display the parade slogan or one’s own slogan must amount to at least 25% of the total area used for textual or graphic display on the vehicle. The participants thus ensure that the character of a political demonstration is preserved.

Does it cost anything to register for the parade?

There is no registration free. To cover the costs incurred (security forces, blocking measures, exceptional driving permission for trucks and trailers, etc.), the participants will be charged contributions. The amount of the contribution depends on the type of participation. In the case of motorised groups contribution towards expenses (if part of the LGBTIQ community, for entry type 2-3) or a solidarity contribution (if not part of the LGBTIQ community, entry types 1-3) must be made.

Are there special rules for vehicles?

More detailed information can be found in the rules of entry; among other things: vehicles must not be more than 4 meters high in total. They must be secured during the entire parade with a sufficient number of wheelbase securities. The police will fix the maximum volume of sound systems.

Where can I rent trucks, trailers, sound systems, power generators?

You can find the contact details of some companies at Pride Parade > Participation > Equipment.

What are the rules of entry?

You find the rules in this document: Rules of Entry.