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Red Edition


Red Edition - Migrant Sex Workers

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Beschreibung der Gruppe/Organisation We are a sex-worker-led organization, especially for migrants in Austria. We are people including ALL genders and ALL sexual identities sharing the same view of diverse topics. What do we want? We want people to open up their eyes and minds to see the person behind sex work! We want all of you to see that we're ordinary people with feelings and troubles that all of us have, who deserve and unfortunately really need to be protected by law. We're sick of being exploited and violated in so many different ways, be it clients, friends or even the government. We want to stop that stigma of "dirty whores" that are worthless. Because we're absolutely NOT! We have issues We have dreams We have goals We have a damn voice!!! We WANT to be heard and we DESERVE to be heard! - Sex Work is Work!


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Sex work is work!

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