Accenture | Pride means more …

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Accenture | Pride means more …


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Diversity = Innovation To be successful as a company, we need a strong culture of innovation. Our studies show that diversity among employees and a culture of equality are the most important drivers of innovation. It takes different perspectives, experiences, views and skills to discover and invent new ways of implementation and thus meet the changes in business and society. That's why we promote diversity in every form. It is a living culture and the key to corporate success. But it only becomes a success when it goes hand in hand with equality and inclusion. We value a trusting, open and inclusive working environment and treat each other with respect. All employees can contribute and be who they are. Be yourself. At Accenture, we actively support the LGBT*IQ community. "Bring your authentic self to work" is our motto here! We promote an authentic appearance in the workplace - regardless of sexual orientation.


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Accenture | Pride means more …

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