Julian F. M. Stoeckel Truck by EIS.AT



Verein für angewandte Beschallung

Group Description

Deceleration, blurry borders - both musically and geographically - and a sense of togetherness are central to our mindset. We don't see our events as a simple getaway from everyday life, but as an influence on everyones reality and surrounding. Every place we take over is transformed into a meandering experience. This ongoing transformation paired with a collective consciousness forms our identity.

Website: https://www.heimlich.online/

Entry Theme

Heimlich war gestern - Loud and Proud

Entry Description

Our contribution to the Rainbow Parade 2022 consists of a flatbed truck, decorated in all colours of the rainbow. The sound system will be operated by various of our own DJs and friends. Thus, a continuous music program is planned to encourage all visitors of the parade to dance, celebrate and have a great time.


This group is looking for people who want to support and/or participate. Please contact the group for further details.
Email: sam.kain@gmx.de