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Pride – Against Hate




Group Description

Non-binary is an umbrella term for gender identities outside the female-male binary. Gender*Galaxy aims to... ... be a contact point for non-binary people and their questions. ... create a safe space for sharing experiences and connecting with other non-binary people. ... create and foster a community for non-binary people in Vienna and connect with other groups in the German-speaking realm. ... be politically active and work towards more societal recognition. ... be visible at events such as Pride. We strive to be a safer space for people of all backgrounds, religions, cultures, sexual orientations, dis-abilities and bodies.


Entry Theme

Gender*Galaxy - by and for non-binary people

Entry Description

We are walking being ourselves, being visible and showing the diversity of non-binary people. We might be decorated with make-up and carrying signs, banners and/or flags.


This group is looking for people who want to support and/or participate. Please contact the group for further details.