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De Zaanse Regenboog


De Zaanse Regenboog

Group Description

De Zaanse Regenboog evolved out of the former LGBT Network Zaanstad. De Zaanse Regenboog provides information about activities concerning sexual and gender diversity in Zaanstad. It is our objective to increase the visibility of the LGBTI community and to enable people to meet one another. De Zaanse Regenboog wants to be a platform for various organisations and initiatives organising LGBTI activities. De Zaanse Regenboog gives information at the activities we attend. In addition, we distribute a digital newsletter for anyone who is interested in and wants to stay informed about LGBTI activities in Zaanstad. De Zaanse Regenboog acknowledges that the various LGBTI groups (can) have different interests. We do, however, also have a common interest: the acknowledgement that every person has a right to exist and to live the way they choose. De Zaanse Regenboog strives for a town where people can be themselves, both at home and in the street, without having to be alert at all times because other people might react aggressively. As long as LGBTI persons are bullied, tormented, abused, threatened and assaulted we will continue to manifest ourselves and we will not be chased back into the closet.


Entry Theme

Zaanse Regenboog joins Vienna Pride - Together & Proud !

Entry Description

Little group with Colorfull Banner and outfit from The Netherlands, Zaanstad.


This group is looking for people who want to support and/or participate. Please contact the group for further details.