On this page, we inform you about the registrations we have received so far. You can also contact groups that you would like to join.

Start Groups

Group 1: Groups on foot and wheelchairs, single-track vehicles (motorcycles, bicycles)

Group 2: Cars, trucks up to 3.5 t, trucks up to 7.5 t, other non-single-track vehicles

Group 3: (Semi-)Trailer trucks above 7.5 t

Support and Boarding Passes


Some groups are looking for people who would like to contribute to the entry (e.g. preparational work, participation at the parade). You can recognize these groups by this symbol.

Boarding passes

Some groups offer boarding passes that allow you to board the vehicle during the parade. You can recognize these groups by this symbol.


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  • Group 1
  • Group 3


Why Not


Europäische Kommission

Wien Energie

Coca Cola

EuroPride Ambassador & Electro-Newcomer Conchita WURST

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